“The Bird”

by Kevin Mundstock



I woke up this morning to a sound of something Grand
How can a simple sound be part of the Master’s plan
and when I heard this sound I thought how great this voice was free
That God created this sound to hear part of his creation to sing
I knew this sound was not just for me but more importantly it was singing for the King
I started turning the sound into audible words hoping I might be singing with him [click to continue…]

Sparky And The Train…

by Kevin Mundstock

Good morning heavenly Father,

As I was walking in the park today, I noticed a train coming down the tracks you could see the big bright light coming from a distance. Sparky and I were about ready to come up on a bridge; he noticed a couple of deer’s and he was getting ready to chase them towards the train. I noticed at that moment he was not worried about the big massive train going down the track. Yet, when we started across the bridge and he could no longer see the train he froze. He could hear the noise of the locomotive yet he could not see it. I reached down and picked him up and he clutched his front paws around my arm. I repeatedly told him he was ok! He knows I would not let anything happen to him. As soon as we got to the other side of the bridge I put him down. Sparky looked up at me as if he was trying to say thanks and off he went exploring. [click to continue…]

Do You Know What’s Missing

by Kevin Mundstock

Hmm, did you know the devil does not leave you alone just because you became a christian?  He does however have to flee when you give him his marching orders.  Jesus said to Peter, “Get behind me Satan you are a stumbling block to me; you do not have in mind the things of God, but the things of men.”   Mathew 16:23 N.I.V.  Did you know a robber does not stop robbing just because he almost gets caught?   Read More

It’s Been 3 Days

by Kevin Mundstock

Good morning heavenly Father, today is March, 31st 2014.

I just want to thank you for allowing me the opportunity to walk in the park and speak with you again. You have given me this opportunity  to talk with you right now about the other day. Father, when someone decided to destroy a brand new central heat and air unit on a house project we had finished, it hurt.  They did this by cutting out the copper coil, which in turn left the rest of the inside open to the elements. Read More

Nourishment For The Soul

by Kevin Mundstock


I felt like the Holy Spirit was guiding me towards writing this
We all have a tendency to see things in different lights
One sees death where another sees life
One sees healing , where another sees sickness
One sees remorse, where another sees regret
One sees pain, where another sees healing
The word healing is such a powerful word!

No two people see the same thing , but the key word is what are you seeing it through? Read More

Why Can’t Everyday Be Like Christmas ?

Why can’t everyday be like Christmas
To show the true love and joy
To teach more than giving out presents
To every little girl and boy Read More

What Would Jesus Do?

by Kevin Mundstock

I can’t think of anything more pleasing to our savior
Knowing he did not die in vain
I hear the cry from the cross
How he asked his Father, to please forgive them.

I see his body and all the suffering my sins must have caused him
And how the soldiers mocked and enticed
Each drop of blood from the garden to the cross
Helps remind me that I am someone, he was willing to pay the ultimate price.
Read More

The Connection

by Kevin Mundstock

 The Connection

We have a certain connection with people, it might be family, friends, business associates, workers, school mates, this list can go on and on and on etc.., Our connections come from all different circumstances we have been given in our life.  God made most of us to want to interact with people.  He has made some to be leaders, some to be followers, some to be listeners, some to be talkers, some to be doers, some to be prayer warriors the list can go on and on.

We are given opportunities in our life through our connections to either help someone or something, or to hinder someone or something from getting to the next level.  Hmm, what do I mean by next level?  I feel everyone’s spiritual growth comes in levels the more you read and understand God’s word the more you can apply what he is trying to share with everyone.  Just because someone is not able to do the things you do  does not mean  God is or has hindered them.  I used to think (closed minded) like this.  I would say things like it is not my fault they chose that life style or they chose to use their money for other things then to help themselves or their families. It dawnwed on me Jesus never hated the sinners Romans chapter 3 : 23.,  for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God; he hated the sin.  Then I thought about , [click to continue…]

The Reveal

by Kevin Mundstock

I can’t change the way people are. I can only ask God to change their heart. I have thought long and hard what to say about who they are. There just people lost in a world of pain. They take, they steal, they destroy yet they have no shame. I just want to help Lord and do some little part. Please heavenly Father don’t allow me to harden my heart.

The answer I received from God stopped the tear that I wanted to cry.  “They are not where you are in their walk of life”. I know your heart now and how far you had to come. So, don’t allow this one incident to make you feel numb. Your pride I am stripping it away slowly you see, to reveal the Christian Man I want you to be.

You ask me to do a work inside of them and I am allowing you the oppertunity to grow.  I understand you feel you have been left alone.  I can hear you just like I heard my son when he asked me to forgive them.  I watch you when you pray you are no longer  selfish when you call out my name.  I want you to know people’s action will make you feel numb.  I am making you stronger to believe and trust in me that I will never leave you or them.  So, I will end this kinda like you do hang in there my son because… we’re not through.


Hang in there because…..  we’re gonna get there.
In Christian Love
Kevin Mundstock

Do We Really Need To Worship?

by Kevin Mundstock

After a long deliberation the jury members were called back into the court.  There was a soft whispering going on all over the court room.  The Honerable Judge Donley said, “members of the jury have you reached your verdict”.  The head jury man looked at the judge and said, “yes your honor we have finally reached a decession”.  The judge motions for the baliff to recieve the piece of paper the head jury man is holding up.

The baliff hands the folded up piece of paper to the judge the judge reads it and hands it back to the baliff.  The baliff walks it back over to the Jury man.  The judge says in a calm voice please read your verdict.  Read More