“You Are”


verse 1

I remember when I was a shell of a man
Looking out for a helping hand,
And all the time you stood right by my side,
When I thought life was fun in games,
And I was running down the path to shame,
You picked me up,
You turned me around,
You guided me to life

verse 2

Looking back on the way my life has changed,
Taking time just to rearrange,
Parts of my life that would not stand still,
There’s a calling that’s greater to me,
You came into my life and set me free,
You opened my eyes,
You made me stand,
I’m part of the Master’s plan


You are my breath,
You are my light,
You are my struggle,
You are my fight,
You are the reason I give all my love and life   (hold)
When I gave my love to thee,
I became part of God’s big family
And I love you more each passing day I see

verse 3

Everytime in my life when I’m feeling down,,
I just think of you and that thorny crown,
They placed upon your head and pierce your side,
We look into your eyes of love,
And all you do is ask God above to forgive man,
For what he has done


You are my breath,
You are my light ,
You are my struggle,
You are my fight,
You are the reason I give all my love and life,   (hold)
When I gave my love to theee,
I became part of God’s big Family,
And I love you more each passing day I see,

I love you lord Lord because you set me free.

August 15th 1990, I was involved in a hit and run motorcycle accident.  This is the first song I wrote after that.  When I shared these words with a friend of mine, he took the time to put my words to music.

Words By  K Mundstock
Music By  J Thompson

So, hang in there because ….   were going to get there.

I’ll Take Away Your Pain

Jesus came to free us of our pain and everything within
He came to take away our sins and help us to  live again
As the Father trusted his Son
You my friend have to trust someone and not allow his death to be in vain
Let Jesus take away your pain

You taught me to put others first show them what there really worth
and stand firm in this prescious claim
How your son paid the price for one and all
He is still  reaching out for you for you are a worthy cause
and he doesn’t want anyone to be lost

So child dont make the mistake thinking what you have done was not worth the blood
Or the Saviors grace because when he died he paid the price for one and all
So understand this call has to come from your heart
To want  Jesus to come in and give you a brand new start

Knowing that he died on a cross was not in vain
So let go of the hurt the guilt and the shame
and cry out to Jesus so he can take away your pain

His Promise

In trying times when your feeling pain and you feel your back is against the wall,
I want you to know that Jesus loves you so and he will give you strength through it all.

God has taken a stand in his Master plan and sent a Savior in our time of need,
please don’t think for a second that your alone because his promise is to never leave.

I want you to know that you are loved so by all your parents families and friends
and all the love and kindness we show can not compare to the love of the one who knows
and will keep you close to him.

Each day as you open your eyes please realize that only one person holds the key to it all,
the fight that you fight now and all the love and strength some how through God’s grace
and mercy you will stand through it all.

As prayers are called up for you to help see you through let the love of the Savior guide
you like a beacon in the night.
No matter how long and far you go I want you to know that your inner strength comes from his guiding light.

This was written for a teenage friend of ours who was being treated for cancer.  She is still in remission.

Hang in there because…. We’re gonna get there

In Christian Love,
Kevin Mundstock

I’m Home

I was given life, for the whole world to see
I was given the breath, of eternity
I was given hands to fix even the littlest of things
I’m going home.

I was given hope, cause you did not give up on me
I was given strength, to face reality
I was given love for over 68 years
Think of the good times when you want to shed a tear
I’m going home

I was given a family by the grace of God
I was given laughter, from funny things they were taught
I was given joy, as they grew each day
I was given hope, that they would not stray
I’m going home

I was given smiles, as my family grew
I was given dreams, to help each one see them through
I was given skills, and I passed them on
I was given compassion, with that and love, I stayed strong
I’m going home

I was given peace, to help me plan
I was given a strong church family, to help me to understand
I was given friends, from all corners of life
I thank you God for your precious Son and my wonderful life
I’m going home

I now have a calmness, that is over me
I have been given wings, to set me free
The journey has been long and I knew you always cared
Because of prayers and your love, I have made it there,
I’m Home…

In The Memory of
Austin R. Wagoner
April 8th 1935 – October 20th 2003

He was my father in-law. He has received his Heavenly reward.  And for the rest of us,
hang in there because….Were gonna get there.

In Christian Love,
Kevin Mundstock

Before the Throne Room

The throne room, the place where the presence of God himself dwells.  His light shines through the door.  His ear is twitching because He hears our voice.  He turns his head toward the opening of the door.  His light is radiant beyond all boundaries of time.  As we praise Him, the throne room doors start to open.  The light shines through in the form of a cross shining brighter as we worship.  We lift out voices before the Creator of everything and we pray that our worship pleases Him in all we say and do.  Seated at the right side with his nailed scarred hands raised up.  Jesus invites the angels in their presence to sing.  This body of believers, this body of worshipers is now being accompanied by God’s heavenly host. Read more

Why Sink When You Can Walk

The Lord confides in those who fear Him. He makes his covenant known to them.  Like Peter, we may have the drive to prove ourselves worthy to be called Christian , “little Christ”.  However, the world beats on us with everyday problems and situations which in turn can take our eyes off the prize.  Just like Peter, we begin to sink.  In my humble opinion, Peter did not go down slow.  Picture, if you can through the Fathers eyes, watching his obedient servant sink.  I was thinking about this early Sunday morning  and realize by taking our eyes off of the Lord, we to start to sink.  Maybe not as fast as he did but we still start to sink. Read More

Child Like Faith

I was thinking since it is summer and a lot of our children are either preparing to go to church camp or are already on their way, I had a flash back to several years ago when I was asked by our preacher if I would like to help out at church camp.  I thought ok, what can I do that would be different in helping the youth of today learn the Bible?  I tried to use slight of hand to capture their attention.  It worked.  Also, I was one of the dorm room chaperone’s for the boys. Read more