Woke up this morning, with pain on my mind.
I’ve got too much to do today, I have no time to cry.
I was diagnosed four days ago, I have no time to spare.
I just gave it to the Lord, for I know how much he cares.

I’ve put in this battle a few times before, I’m not gonna lie.
I’m finding it hard right now, to keep up this lonely fight.
I was searching for the strength to fight, much more than I had before.
That is when I cried out loud! God you know best, and I gave it to the Lord.

Some people will think I am weak, other will think I am strong.
But fighting this battle each day, takes a toll on the body all day long.
I know the doctors are doing their best, now it’s in the Master’s hands.
I asked God for strength, to help me through this test the best I can.

Oh, when life gets hard some crumble in the sand.
Some get blown like dust out of the Father’s hand.
But I know who I belong to and one day I will receive my reward.
I can’t fight this on my own… So, I gave it to the Lord.

One persons strength can be another’s down fall.
Each new day has a dawn and their are people daily winning their call.
I hurt for my family and friends or the ones who are fighting with their all.
But my strength I draw comes from within guided by a higher call.

So, each time I am given meds, I pray before I go.
I have met some people struggling, to make it through the door.
Some have asked how do I do it, I am not strong., I roar!
But when I was at my weakest, I just gave it to the Lord..

To all the people struggling during their battle with cancer may you find comfort in knowing God is listening to your prayers…

and in the Bible he tells us But he was pierced for our transgressions; he was crushed for our inequities; the punishment that brought us peace was upon Him, and by his stripes we are healed.

Hang in there Bill, and everyone, WERE GONNA GET THERE…


Kevin Mundstock