Before the Throne Room

The throne room, the place where the presence of God himself dwells.  His light shines through the door.  His ear is twitching because He hears our voice.  He turns his head toward the opening of the door.  His light is radiant beyond all boundaries of time.  As we praise Him, the throne room doors start to open.  The light shines through in the form of a cross shining brighter as we worship.  We lift out voices before the Creator of everything and we pray that our worship pleases Him in all we say and do.  Seated at the right side with his nailed scarred hands raised up.  Jesus invites the angels in their presence to sing.  This body of believers, this body of worshipers is now being accompanied by God’s heavenly host.

The angels are singing Hosanna!  Hosanna in the highest!  And with the same breathe, they are singing with the children all over the world, “Jesus loves Me”.  Our Heavenly Father is gathering in all our worship and he is pleased.  This is what He wants for his children; He wants this closeness.  He wants everyone to know, He has never left us nor forsaken us.

When we are sad, sing praises to Him.  And when we are glad, sing praise even more.  He longs to hear our voice separately and in unison.  When we come before His throne of worship and openly share our love for Him, He is pleased and honored to be our Heavenly Father.  Jesus smiles as he looks at his nail scarred hands, knowing that his suffering was not in vain and everything, at this moment in time, is pleasing to his heavenly Father.

So, worship!  Worship because you are proud that He allowed his one and only Son to die for us.  Worship because his Son loved his Father so much, that he gave his life willingly.  But most importantly, worship because it pleases our Heavenly Father.

When the pharisees in the crowd tried to make Jesus rebuke his disciples, his reply was, if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out. (Luke 19:39-40)  So, worship and remember this:  We’re gonna get there.

In Christian Love,
Kevin Mundstock


These words were inspired by Nick Adams during worship services.