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Guiding Light

lighthouseI recently saw a picture of a Light house in a office in our local court house. The person who had it was very proud to talk about Light houses. He shared with me all the Light houses he and his wife have visited. In his office were ceramic Light houses. I told him my wife and I spent an anniversary on Mackinac island in Michigan, though he had been there he was fascinated to hear me talk about it. I told him how my wife and I bicycled to the end to view it. His eyes we’re focused on every word, my facial expression and even my hand gestures.

I enjoyed talking to him about Light houses. I told him I used the story of the Mackinac Light house for a communion meditation. He asked me to explain.

I said while my wife and I rode bikes upto it. I saw it was on the furthest point of the island and at night you could see the light skim across the water circling the island keeping ships from running ashore. I then told him I feel God does the same thing for those who love him and follow his ways. We don’t always see God’s hand protecting us but it is always there. People who live on the island do not pay attention to the Light house but during violent storms they are glad it works.

We are no different.  We don’t always count our blessing that God gives to us through his precious son Jesus until we are put in a violent storm. Why are we like that? I waited for that question but it never came, however, I now had the attention of him and a staff member. I went on to tell them when you allow the Light of our Father to shine through you it helps to weather all storms.

God’s promise, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” Hebrews 13:5. We have to find away to steady our rudder,”Our Faith” to help guide us through everyday life and especially storms.

Jesus promised us storms will come. Just like a Light house storms come the waves crash into it. It damages the outside, paint may need attention. We are no different, our bodies may take a beating, we may feel we have been deserted. But just like the poem foot prints in the sand. When we can’t go his love carries us to the finish.

Church! This conversation took less than 5 minutes, I was told to come by anytime.
When you feel what you say doesn’t matter remember this. Moses needed Aaron and we need to use each other
Were gonna get there.

Do You Know What’s Missing

Hmm, did you know the devil does not leave you alone just because you became a christian?  He does however have to flee when you give him his marching orders.  Jesus said to Peter, “Get behind me Satan you are a stumbling block to me; you do not have in mind the things of God, but the things of men.”   Mathew 16:23 N.I.V.  Did you know a robber does not stop robbing just because he almost gets caught?   Read More

It’s Been 3 Days

Good morning heavenly Father, today is March, 31st 2014.

I just want to thank you for allowing me the opportunity to walk in the park and speak with you again. You have given me this opportunity  to talk with you right now about the other day. Father, when someone decided to destroy a brand new central heat and air unit on a house project we had finished, it hurt.  They did this by cutting out the copper coil, which in turn left the rest of the inside open to the elements. Read More

Nourishment For The Soul


I felt like the Holy Spirit was guiding me towards writing this
We all have a tendency to see things in different lights
One sees death where another sees life
One sees healing , where another sees sickness
One sees remorse, where another sees regret
One sees pain, where another sees healing
The word healing is such a powerful word!

No two people see the same thing , but the key word is what are you seeing it through? Read More


Well,  it had been a little time you see since I have picked up a pencil and tried to write a little poetry.

Ah, but this all came from a phone call one day when Barbra Cyrus asked in a very kind way.  Kevin, I would really like to put one of your poems in the church news letter and without a pause I asked her what would you like the poem to be about?  She said oh, it could be about anything.   I said anything hmm that is interesting let me see what I can do.

I started in my usual way first in thought then I prayed but I must admit nothing came in time except for Barbra’s word echoing in my mind, “It could be about anything”.

Hmmm is there anything I can put down on paper I thought out loud,
To lift someone’s spirit to make them feel proud.
Is there anything that I can say to stir up their soul to let God take total control.
Is there anything I can say that will heal and take their pain away.
Is there anything being done to bring man closer to God’s son.
Is there anything to help you see there is more to living than just reality.
Is there anything I can do to help you realize anything is a part of something too.
If anything is something?  Then how do we play out in the words below
Open up your mind and let your heart follow, then you will know.

And then I pictured my Savior on the cross and the two theives one soul saved one soul lost.  The lost soul mocking The Christ if  you are who they say you are save yourself and us too, if anything I don’t wanna die here so why do you.  The other thief knowing his place rebuked his partner in crime and found the Savior grace.  If anything just in the nick of time.  Anything could have happened that day.  He could have called down legions of Angels to carry him away.  Anything could have happened, the crowd could have figured out their loss but it wasn’t just anything that nailed our Savior to the cross.

I wanted to stop here but just incase someone does not understand.  We are the something and Jesus died to save all of man.  It wasn’t just anything it was something all part of God’s master plan.

So, I didn’t just write about anything however, it has played it’s part.  I wrote this about something or to someone I hope this rythem has impacted your heart.

hang in there because …. were gonna get there.

In Christian Love,
Kevin Mundstock

One Day…


I was thinking out loud as sometimes I do, wondering what in the world is happening too
I can see it in the faces of people I see, there is hurt and pain and alot of misery

I can feel the stares wondering why I care, if not to save them to help the next generation to care
I want their hearts to break and their minds to change and allow the blood of Jesus to wash over them Read more

I’m Home

I was given life, for the whole world to see
I was given the breath, of eternity
I was given hands to fix even the littlest of things
I’m going home.

I was given hope, cause you did not give up on me
I was given strength, to face reality
I was given love for over 68 years
Think of the good times when you want to shed a tear
I’m going home

I was given a family by the grace of God
I was given laughter, from funny things they were taught
I was given joy, as they grew each day
I was given hope, that they would not stray
I’m going home

I was given smiles, as my family grew
I was given dreams, to help each one see them through
I was given skills, and I passed them on
I was given compassion, with that and love, I stayed strong
I’m going home

I was given peace, to help me plan
I was given a strong church family, to help me to understand
I was given friends, from all corners of life
I thank you God for your precious Son and my wonderful life
I’m going home

I now have a calmness, that is over me
I have been given wings, to set me free
The journey has been long and I knew you always cared
Because of prayers and your love, I have made it there,
I’m Home…

In The Memory of
Austin R. Wagoner
April 8th 1935 – October 20th 2003

He was my father in-law. He has received his Heavenly reward.  And for the rest of us,
hang in there because….Were gonna get there.

In Christian Love,
Kevin Mundstock

Before the Throne Room

The throne room, the place where the presence of God himself dwells.  His light shines through the door.  His ear is twitching because He hears our voice.  He turns his head toward the opening of the door.  His light is radiant beyond all boundaries of time.  As we praise Him, the throne room doors start to open.  The light shines through in the form of a cross shining brighter as we worship.  We lift out voices before the Creator of everything and we pray that our worship pleases Him in all we say and do.  Seated at the right side with his nailed scarred hands raised up.  Jesus invites the angels in their presence to sing.  This body of believers, this body of worshipers is now being accompanied by God’s heavenly host. Read more

Why Sink When You Can Walk

The Lord confides in those who fear Him. He makes his covenant known to them.  Like Peter, we may have the drive to prove ourselves worthy to be called Christian , “little Christ”.  However, the world beats on us with everyday problems and situations which in turn can take our eyes off the prize.  Just like Peter, we begin to sink.  In my humble opinion, Peter did not go down slow.  Picture, if you can through the Fathers eyes, watching his obedient servant sink.  I was thinking about this early Sunday morning  and realize by taking our eyes off of the Lord, we to start to sink.  Maybe not as fast as he did but we still start to sink. Read More

Child Like Faith

I was thinking since it is summer and a lot of our children are either preparing to go to church camp or are already on their way, I had a flash back to several years ago when I was asked by our preacher if I would like to help out at church camp.  I thought ok, what can I do that would be different in helping the youth of today learn the Bible?  I tried to use slight of hand to capture their attention.  It worked.  Also, I was one of the dorm room chaperone’s for the boys. Read more