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I’m Just Passing Through

This was mentioned by our music director in church today Jody Thompson, and it got me to think.  He said,

” I’m just passing through.”  His words got me to think and to write  I hope this touches someone’s soul who is struggling with a fight.

This is not my world, even though I know that some days it’s just hard.  I see the hate, the pain, I believe they are starving for something sane.  I look out my window at work to watch the flashing lights. I have watched first hand another person OD from getting high.  We try to figure out why?  I spoke to a prostitute one day.  I saw the people stare at me in an unusual way. But I remembered when my business partner took one to lunch.  He told her how much our Father loves her, then she shared with him her pain.  He repeated how much God loves her and she started to cry but the sad reality is she wasn’t ready to give up her life.

You see the devil knows what is a crutch, something you are willing to do to lose all touch. Reality, that’s to say the lease, what these people give up is their peace. The Bible tells us In John 14:27 Peace I leave with you;my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives.  Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.  I try not to look down on people the true word is “try” but I have to be honest sometimes it is hard.   No one wants to get taken advantage of, why? because we feel we are to smart.  The true reason we feel this way is because we have harden our hearts.

I have shared with friends what God placed on my heart, it is a way to share and give and yes this comes from the heart.. one day I felt the Spirit say to me, “when you give take it away from you and give it to me.”   “ My friend what I give to you is no longer between you and I.  God placed it on my heart to give, if you are not going to use it for the reason you are asking it doesn’t matter to me.  This gift is now between you and God.”  I have had people try to give the money back, I wondered why and then the Spirit explained, ” they can lie to you but they can’t lie to Jesus Christ.”  

We are not of this world we have been set a part.  But our job before we go is to try and change the rest of the their hearts.  Then the words of my friend rang clear and true… you see none of this matters were all just passing through.


Hang in there because …. WERE ALL GONNA GET THERE.



Kevin L Mundstock


“The Bird”



I woke up this morning to a sound of something Grand
How can a simple sound be part of the Master’s plan
and when I heard this sound I thought how great this voice was free
That God created this sound to hear part of his creation to sing
I knew this sound was not just for me but more importantly it was singing for the King
I started turning the sound into audible words hoping I might be singing with him Continue reading “The Bird”

What Would Jesus Do?

I can’t think of anything more pleasing to our savior
Knowing he did not die in vain
I hear the cry from the cross
How he asked his Father, to please forgive them.

I see his body and all the suffering my sins must have caused him
And how the soldiers mocked and enticed
Each drop of blood from the garden to the cross
Helps remind me that I am someone, he was willing to pay the ultimate price.
Read More

The Reveal

I can’t change the way people are. I can only ask God to change their heart. I have thought long and hard what to say about who they are. There just people lost in a world of pain. They take, they steal, they destroy yet they have no shame. I just want to help Lord and do some little part. Please heavenly Father don’t allow me to harden my heart.

The answer I received from God stopped the tear that I wanted to cry.  “They are not where you are in their walk of life”. I know your heart now and how far you had to come. So, don’t allow this one incident to make you feel numb. Your pride I am stripping it away slowly you see, to reveal the Christian Man I want you to be.

You ask me to do a work inside of them and I am allowing you the oppertunity to grow.  I understand you feel you have been left alone.  I can hear you just like I heard my son when he asked me to forgive them.  I watch you when you pray you are no longer  selfish when you call out my name.  I want you to know people’s action will make you feel numb.  I am making you stronger to believe and trust in me that I will never leave you or them.  So, I will end this kinda like you do hang in there my son because… we’re not through.


Hang in there because…..  we’re gonna get there.
In Christian Love
Kevin Mundstock

Gone but not forgotten

What did you do today? I woke up in a very unusal way, with a tear in my heart and water running down my face.

I wished today would never had to come, then I realize this kind of thinking will make you numb.

For everyone of us will face death. We are not guaranteed our next breath, through God’s grace I can walk away.

Through his love I will get stronger day by day but for now I ask you to bare with me, for I just burried my friend today.

Peope who knew him can tell you the funny stories he said and we all knew he should have been a comedian.

The punch lines to his jokes came without delay.  I’ll miss his laugh but I know he is in a better place.  It’s hard to understand why God took him away so, bare with me.  I just burried my friend today.  One thing gives me strength from his true calling he did not stray.  For he was my christian brother and my friend and the peace I have is one day I will see him again but for now I am hurting try to understand my pain for I just burried my friend today. His christian faternity brothers were by his side. He was addressed with a warriors pride. I’m not sure what else to say so, bare with me. I just burried my friend today

(We are not guarnteed our next breath, life is ever fading.  I hope this helps you in your time of need  for God has placed a gift inside of me to write and it helps me )
This is my closing line for all things  Hang in there because… were gonna get there.

Christopher Lee Johnson
46 years of age from Barboursville, Wv went to be with the Lord on 7-5-12
The reason why I wrote this was todays is the day we laid him to rest.
He will be dearly missed but not forgotten

I know tomorrow the Sun will shine but for now I will pray


Well,  it had been a little time you see since I have picked up a pencil and tried to write a little poetry.

Ah, but this all came from a phone call one day when Barbra Cyrus asked in a very kind way.  Kevin, I would really like to put one of your poems in the church news letter and without a pause I asked her what would you like the poem to be about?  She said oh, it could be about anything.   I said anything hmm that is interesting let me see what I can do.

I started in my usual way first in thought then I prayed but I must admit nothing came in time except for Barbra’s word echoing in my mind, “It could be about anything”.

Hmmm is there anything I can put down on paper I thought out loud,
To lift someone’s spirit to make them feel proud.
Is there anything that I can say to stir up their soul to let God take total control.
Is there anything I can say that will heal and take their pain away.
Is there anything being done to bring man closer to God’s son.
Is there anything to help you see there is more to living than just reality.
Is there anything I can do to help you realize anything is a part of something too.
If anything is something?  Then how do we play out in the words below
Open up your mind and let your heart follow, then you will know.

And then I pictured my Savior on the cross and the two theives one soul saved one soul lost.  The lost soul mocking The Christ if  you are who they say you are save yourself and us too, if anything I don’t wanna die here so why do you.  The other thief knowing his place rebuked his partner in crime and found the Savior grace.  If anything just in the nick of time.  Anything could have happened that day.  He could have called down legions of Angels to carry him away.  Anything could have happened, the crowd could have figured out their loss but it wasn’t just anything that nailed our Savior to the cross.

I wanted to stop here but just incase someone does not understand.  We are the something and Jesus died to save all of man.  It wasn’t just anything it was something all part of God’s master plan.

So, I didn’t just write about anything however, it has played it’s part.  I wrote this about something or to someone I hope this rythem has impacted your heart.

hang in there because …. were gonna get there.

In Christian Love,
Kevin Mundstock

One Day…


I was thinking out loud as sometimes I do, wondering what in the world is happening too
I can see it in the faces of people I see, there is hurt and pain and alot of misery

I can feel the stares wondering why I care, if not to save them to help the next generation to care
I want their hearts to break and their minds to change and allow the blood of Jesus to wash over them Read more

I’ll Take Away Your Pain

Jesus came to free us of our pain and everything within
He came to take away our sins and help us to  live again
As the Father trusted his Son
You my friend have to trust someone and not allow his death to be in vain
Let Jesus take away your pain

You taught me to put others first show them what there really worth
and stand firm in this prescious claim
How your son paid the price for one and all
He is still  reaching out for you for you are a worthy cause
and he doesn’t want anyone to be lost

So child dont make the mistake thinking what you have done was not worth the blood
Or the Saviors grace because when he died he paid the price for one and all
So understand this call has to come from your heart
To want  Jesus to come in and give you a brand new start

Knowing that he died on a cross was not in vain
So let go of the hurt the guilt and the shame
and cry out to Jesus so he can take away your pain

His Promise

In trying times when your feeling pain and you feel your back is against the wall,
I want you to know that Jesus loves you so and he will give you strength through it all.

God has taken a stand in his Master plan and sent a Savior in our time of need,
please don’t think for a second that your alone because his promise is to never leave.

I want you to know that you are loved so by all your parents families and friends
and all the love and kindness we show can not compare to the love of the one who knows
and will keep you close to him.

Each day as you open your eyes please realize that only one person holds the key to it all,
the fight that you fight now and all the love and strength some how through God’s grace
and mercy you will stand through it all.

As prayers are called up for you to help see you through let the love of the Savior guide
you like a beacon in the night.
No matter how long and far you go I want you to know that your inner strength comes from his guiding light.

This was written for a teenage friend of ours who was being treated for cancer.  She is still in remission.

Hang in there because…. We’re gonna get there

In Christian Love,
Kevin Mundstock