Child Like Faith

I was thinking since it is summer and a lot of our children are either preparing to go to church camp or are already on their way, I had a flash back to several years ago when I was asked by our preacher if I would like to help out at church camp.  I thought ok, what can I do that would be different in helping the youth of today learn the Bible?  I tried to use slight of hand to capture their attention.  It worked.  Also, I was one of the dorm room chaperone’s for the boys.

I have to admit, there are several things that stick out during that week.  One thing for instance, was Davey, his name has been changed incase someone wants to seek revenge.  Davey was a small framed boy with lots of energy.  Each day I would allow the guys to have a pillow fight and for some reason they all ganged up on Davey.  Well, as Paul Harvey would say, it’s time for the rest of the story.

One day, during quiet time, I allowed the guys to blow off a little steam, by of course you guessed it, having a pillow fight.  Davey was ready.  He wrapped his pillow around his hand and started wailing on the biggest boys first.  They went down like lead balloons.  Then he took out anybody else who got in his way.  I thought, man, he is tired of getting picked on.  Well, I noticed the first kid who got whacked by Davey’s pillow was still not getting up.  We stopped the pillow fight to check on him.  Low and behold, he was knocked out by the first hit!  Then, some of the other kids were complaining that they were sore.  Davey unwound his pillow case from his hand and out dumped a huge Bible.  In short time there was a knock on the cabin door.  The Dean, himself, decided it would be best if we did not have anymore pillow fights.  I asked Davey, “Why did you do that?”  He said he had always heard that if you believe in the Word, it will save you and protect you.  His next words made me laugh and think at the same time.  Davey said, “So I decided to put it to the test.”  I smiled at him and said, “So what was the results?”  And just like a child like faith, he said, “You noticed, I wasn’t the kid knocked out.”

I’ll share another “Davey Story” if you want to hear it.  But, for now, hang in there because “We’re gonna get there“.

In Christian Love,
K.L. Mundstock