I’ll Take Away Your Pain

Jesus came to free us of our pain and everything within
He came to take away our sins and help us to  live again
As the Father trusted his Son
You my friend have to trust someone and not allow his death to be in vain
Let Jesus take away your pain

You taught me to put others first show them what there really worth
and stand firm in this prescious claim
How your son paid the price for one and all
He is still  reaching out for you for you are a worthy cause
and he doesn’t want anyone to be lost

So child dont make the mistake thinking what you have done was not worth the blood
Or the Saviors grace because when he died he paid the price for one and all
So understand this call has to come from your heart
To want  Jesus to come in and give you a brand new start

Knowing that he died on a cross was not in vain
So let go of the hurt the guilt and the shame
and cry out to Jesus so he can take away your pain