I’m Home

I was given life, for the whole world to see
I was given the breath, of eternity
I was given hands to fix even the littlest of things
I’m going home.

I was given hope, cause you did not give up on me
I was given strength, to face reality
I was given love for over 68 years
Think of the good times when you want to shed a tear
I’m going home

I was given a family by the grace of God
I was given laughter, from funny things they were taught
I was given joy, as they grew each day
I was given hope, that they would not stray
I’m going home

I was given smiles, as my family grew
I was given dreams, to help each one see them through
I was given skills, and I passed them on
I was given compassion, with that and love, I stayed strong
I’m going home

I was given peace, to help me plan
I was given a strong church family, to help me to understand
I was given friends, from all corners of life
I thank you God for your precious Son and my wonderful life
I’m going home

I now have a calmness, that is over me
I have been given wings, to set me free
The journey has been long and I knew you always cared
Because of prayers and your love, I have made it there,
I’m Home…

In The Memory of
Austin R. Wagoner
April 8th 1935 – October 20th 2003

He was my father in-law. He has received his Heavenly reward.  And for the rest of us,
hang in there because….Were gonna get there.

In Christian Love,
Kevin Mundstock

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