It’s Been 3 Days

Good morning heavenly Father, today is March, 31st 2014.

I just want to thank you for allowing me the opportunity to walk in the park and speak with you again. You have given me this opportunity  to talk with you right now about the other day. Father, when someone decided to destroy a brand new central heat and air unit on a house project we had finished, it hurt.  They did this by cutting out the copper coil, which in turn left the rest of the inside open to the elements.

I had the chance to be a witness for you to a few different people who do not know you or your son or the love you have for each of us. I had the perfect opportunity to share and I failed. I failed miserably I failed one guy because he asked me, “I bet you just want to hurt these people don’t you.”  I failed by answering that question.  I failed when another person was telling me he works for a local jail and he said,” if they catch him he would make sure his stay was not a pleasant one.”  I failed you God there too by not answering him at all.  I should have not let the evilness that chose to raise its ugly head  get the chance to prevail but it did. Then that gives me the opening to go back and do quality control.

So, quality control starts with accepting the fact that I failed and I should have known you had it under control all the time but that is not what I allowed to happen and for these reason I am truly sorry.

I had people calling me to tell me who they thought it might have been. I am no saint but I have tried to help out people in this area. I tried to be a good neighbor; while my crew was remolding this house. They would say I think it was this person or that person had I responded to the hear says in my old ways I would be the one visiting the county jail right now. I was blessed to realize this was out of my control. I needed to let the authorities take care of it in the earthly realm the best way they know how and I need to turn it over to you for my Spiritual guidance because I have failed miserably in this task.

Thank you for opening my eyes to allow me to  see it for what it is just a material object attached to a house. Then I look at what this material object cost me and then I think of the price that your son paid for me and I realize I have no right to complain because what you give is a gift of life if we would just repent of our sins and follow your comandments.  Any earthly gift we have can be taken away because there is so much evil  in this world.  There are some people who do not want to do what is right, they don’t want to listen to what is right. They want to live by the rules they have set up “shoot if I can get it then it’s mine“, or even still “he can afford to replace it he has more than one home.” What ever they can rationalize in their mind. The true reasoning behind it is this it all comes down to being just pure evil.

I had a brother in Christ this past Sunday share with me his thoughts and it literally lifted the burden off my heart. “It’s ok!, because he did not get away with it and of course the first thing came to mind was he has gotten away with it so far. Then he took it to the next step and said, “ unless he repents of that sin it will send him to hell.”

Then I thought even though he has done this to me and my family the last thing I want to do is send someone to hell, even if they have hurt me.  Father, you of all people know my heart, you know where I came from.  I believe there are warrior spirit that were created to help people less fortunate to serve and help people to understand what you have done through Jesus, your son the Christ! And I feel warrior spirits come together.

Before I became a Christian , I would retaliate at a drop of a hat. I could go on and tell stories on this alone but the bottom line is none of it matters. What matters the most is that you saw fit to love me unconditional that you sent your son to this earth and your son saw fit to love me unconditional enough to die for me, rise for me and now intercedes on my behalf.

So, when I hurt, I turn to my Jesus. When someone takes advantage of me I turn to my Jesus and I ask Jesus to guide my steps through the gift of the Holy Spirit that he promised would be with me upon baptism. So I ask Jesus to allow the Holy Spirit to guide my heart and then I ask Jesus to intercede to the Father on my behalf and I ask for forgiveness of my sins.  I ask for forgiveness of the sin where I wanted to go back to my carnal spirit and hurt someone or someone’s for taking from me what you have blessed me with something that helps create my lively hood.

Then I to come to the realization everything I have is because you have given it to me. Therefore if something is taken away on this earthly realm and I can find away to rejoice and be glad and go forward and still praise you amongst the storm then you will be pleased and I will be blessed. So, for the person or person’s who ever did this evil act against me and my family and for the people who are out there stealing. I hope you have a Christian family member who are willing to share this with you.

This letter did not come in hate for you see that was my response the day I found out. This letter was written three days later. I am now able to let go of the hate and I start to rejoice in the fact that he allowed me to have it for this long.  I start to rejoice in the fact now I get to try to help heal a neighborhood.  The neighborhood is not the problem, it’s the ones that choose to turn their back on God and not let him guide their lives. It’s the one’s who turn a blind eye to illegal activities that go on beside them. Whether they are afraid or worried they choose to listen to Satan and Satan chooses to put this poison in their neighborhoods whether it is drugs or alcohol what ever the case may be sooner or later they will have to take a stand and be held accountable for there actions or lack thereof.

So, if you truly believe Jesus is the Christ, the son of the living God and you have taken him as your personal savior and you know someone is doing these things I ask you will you please copy this letter and share it with them. If they are a member of your own house hold please copy this letter and just leave it out I will promise you this God will direct them to it you will not have to.

Listen friend here is the healing part Jesus loved me unconditional therefore I, we have to love the same way. I can not put a condition on unconditional even though I was hurt it’s three days later it is time to rise, time to go forward, time to let go of the past and allow Jesus to intercede on my behalf and let the Holy Spirit guide me and I praise my heavenly father for allowing this to happen. I just received a great idea from a dear Christian friend of mind. His thought was, “Friday let’s just meet over at the house and have a prayer for the soul or souls of the ones who did this.” it will have been 7 days sense I found out and 7 is a perfect number. My friend is a Christian who does prison ministry for our local jail and half way houses. I agreed to do that. Where this person or person’s sin could send them to hell; I have chosen to be part of a group that wants to save their soul… “MAY GOD RECEIVE THE GLORY!”
So, at this time dear heavenly Father, I thank you for the gift of your son, I thank you for the gift of the Holy spirit, I thank you for your love for me and everyone else by sending your son. I know there is sin, I know there is hate and I know there is pain and I know the one who causes that. For this reason I will not give him anymore strength from this body to fight for him to do his will by being mad, by being upset, by wanting to seek revenge for what was taken from me and my family. Because I know in the long run you were in total control of everything. Therefore, Father I turn this over to you it is in yours son’s holy and precious name I pray these things Amen…