Nourishment For The Soul


I felt like the Holy Spirit was guiding me towards writing this
We all have a tendency to see things in different lights
One sees death where another sees life
One sees healing , where another sees sickness
One sees remorse, where another sees regret
One sees pain, where another sees healing
The word healing is such a powerful word!

No two people see the same thing , but the key word is what are you seeing it through?
Are you seeing it through God’s eyes. The master of the universe, creator of everything , the alpha and the omega . Or, are you seeing it through your human eyes, which is lead by the carnal spirit that was given to you upon your birth which is sin in nature. So, when we take off carnal and put on the Holy. When we close the eyes of our human spirit and allow the Holy Spirit to lead us then will we be able to see the true face, the true reflection, the true understanding of what God has planned for each individual call of our life.

One day you maybe called into a situation where a person you show remorse to can let go of the regret and realize God has a bigger plan for their life. We as individuals have a tendency to hold back our true feelings because we may not want everyone to see us being who we truly are.

This leads to a deeper understanding of God’s wisdom for us. The powerful words I will never leave you nor forsake you come back to me day after day while I am walking. You see, I realize as strong as I thought I was, as brave as I thought I was in actuality I am only as brave as the creator has made me how he has shaped me and how he is allowing the comforter to lead me. I am only as strong as he allows me to be. Each day when I wake up and I am allowed my next breath it is because of his grace and mercy I live. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

The key words I can do… I can’t do, if I don’t allow it. I should not do, what I am not suppose to do because when I do my strength and my guidance will be taken away. Then I open the door up to fear and doubt, hurt, anger, pain and suffering without any comfort from God above because I walked away from his blessings.

The story of Samson and Delilah God set Samson apart and Samson kept refusing to do what he was suppose to do . Finally the secret he held deep down inside of him he revealed the secret of his strength. I have pondered this story and thought surely he knew his wife was trying to get him captured. But in the end God allowed him to be what he made him from the beginning strong and courageous.
So, where does your strength lie what part of your story has not been told yet!

We each have individual jobs to do and that is to lead people to our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ. That’s our main job! There are other jobs that we are given along the way teacher, song leader, preacher, doctor, lawyer, policemen grocery clerk friend, wife, mother, father, son all these other jobs we are given help to strengthen our bond with each other so we can all stand in unity to serve God’s purpose which is to do his will. That’s why we search his Word and crave for the knowledge of what they mean. Some meaning is milk for some while others is meat but make no mistake it is all food to nourish the soul.

I can’t do if I keep him out of the picture. Why would I want to keep him out of the picture he has already created. God paints a picture of each of our lives but the final brush strokes are not applied to his canvas until we give ourselves to him. Then he set his beautiful portrait up for all the saints to marvel over His Master piece.
Heavenly Father at this time I thank you for the opportunity to get to talk to you. I think you for the gift of the Holy Spirit. Please continue to allow the Holy Spirit to be my comforter, to strengthen me to walk more in your ways and less in mine. Help me to be the man that you want me to be, help me be the child that I need to be and right now I give you the praise and glory for the rest of this day and my life in your Son’s holy and precious name I pray these things Amen…