One Day…


I was thinking out loud as sometimes I do, wondering what in the world is happening too
I can see it in the faces of people I see, there is hurt and pain and alot of misery

I can feel the stares wondering why I care, if not to save them to help the next generation to care
I want their hearts to break and their minds to change and allow the blood of Jesus to wash over them

I don’t understand why the pill, the drugs, the needle can mean so much more
To allow it to ruin your life and steal your reward, Lord I don’t understand help me to see

How do I reach these people who turn to drugs for relief, the Bible tells me in the words I read
that while Jesus was hanging from the cross he felt the loss and each drop of blood he shed was for a cause

I know this! I have read this! I understand, but why does the drug dealer want to kill his fellow man
I see the changes in the world each day, but for some reason I can also see the lack of change

Inside of God’s house we invite them in but the doors are never open all the way my friends, are we afraid
afraid to be the hands that show a hole, my heart is breaking for the family’s. Oh, I thought I was strong

But when I see the hurt I realize I was wrong, for when I choose to be weak it allows the devil to be strong
For he speaks to the drug dealer, the seller, the friend and to the family’s that are hurting from within

Keep doing what your are doing I can make the pain go away don’t worry about the price I will make you pay
It’s all free when you steal and if you get caught don’t be afraid to kill and one day all pain will end

I asked this question, “why” the answer was harsh, I don’t have a job and I can’t let my family starve
And if I get caught my children will understand that I tried to give them everything I possibly can

My reply was “did you did you really, they don’t need a cell phone or an I pod”, I said
And I truly don’t believe they should have to worry if their Daddy will end up dead

I know my Savior died to pay the price for one and all, and I want you to know him so you won’t have to fall
The burdens you are carrying can be gone in a flash,  if you ask Jesus into your heart and let go of your past

Let his blood wash over you and except what he has done, by allowing his only son to die on a cross
To take away your pain and help you deal with his loss,  for he did not die in vain on that cross

I realized it was not up to me to change your mind it was up to me to allow Jesus Christ try to reach your heart
Not your pride He had to change my heart before I could speak of his love and this change had to come from within

When I asked him to forgive me and give me the words to reach you my friend, for I wanted to give up
Instead of trying to feel your pain and I remembered that Jesus paid the price for dieing for all sins

So, I will pray for you and I will ask my friends to do the same, I will ask my Savior to take away your pain
I pray one day we will stand side by side in helping to teach the loss about Jesus the Christ

I can only pray and hope that these words touch the loss
Hang in there because……  we’re gonna get there.

In Christian Love,
Kevin Mundstock