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I’m Just Passing Through

This was mentioned by our music director in church today Jody Thompson, and it got me to think.  He said,

” I’m just passing through.”  His words got me to think and to write  I hope this touches someone’s soul who is struggling with a fight.

This is not my world, even though I know that some days it’s just hard.  I see the hate, the pain, I believe they are starving for something sane.  I look out my window at work to watch the flashing lights. I have watched first hand another person OD from getting high.  We try to figure out why?  I spoke to a prostitute one day.  I saw the people stare at me in an unusual way. But I remembered when my business partner took one to lunch.  He told her how much our Father loves her, then she shared with him her pain.  He repeated how much God loves her and she started to cry but the sad reality is she wasn’t ready to give up her life.

You see the devil knows what is a crutch, something you are willing to do to lose all touch. Reality, that’s to say the lease, what these people give up is their peace. The Bible tells us In John 14:27 Peace I leave with you;my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives.  Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.  I try not to look down on people the true word is “try” but I have to be honest sometimes it is hard.   No one wants to get taken advantage of, why? because we feel we are to smart.  The true reason we feel this way is because we have harden our hearts.

I have shared with friends what God placed on my heart, it is a way to share and give and yes this comes from the heart.. one day I felt the Spirit say to me, “when you give take it away from you and give it to me.”   “ My friend what I give to you is no longer between you and I.  God placed it on my heart to give, if you are not going to use it for the reason you are asking it doesn’t matter to me.  This gift is now between you and God.”  I have had people try to give the money back, I wondered why and then the Spirit explained, ” they can lie to you but they can’t lie to Jesus Christ.”  

We are not of this world we have been set a part.  But our job before we go is to try and change the rest of the their hearts.  Then the words of my friend rang clear and true… you see none of this matters were all just passing through.


Hang in there because …. WERE ALL GONNA GET THERE.



Kevin L Mundstock