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What Does God Mean To You ?

What Does God mean to You?

Several years ago my wife and I took a white water rafting trip with members from our church.  The raft we were in consisted of 8 people and one guide, who’s job was to make sure we all stayed in the raft for our journey down the New river.

The guide and myself  started talking about some of the stupid things we have done in our lives.  Ok! To be honest  we were acting like a couple of macho men.  He asked me if I have ever jumped off the rock.  I told him it was not our first trip down the river and yes we both jumped off the rock. He kind of  raised his eyebrow and squinting his lip shook his head in agreement.  Now the rock was the guides way of saying you are scarf icing yourself for the day to the river.  He later told me if people are not willing to do that then he knows who will help and basically who will not help in case of an emergency.

After a brief moment he said, “hmmm have you ever jumped off the cliff“.  Read More