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The Reveal

I can’t change the way people are. I can only ask God to change their heart. I have thought long and hard what to say about who they are. There just people lost in a world of pain. They take, they steal, they destroy yet they have no shame. I just want to help Lord and do some little part. Please heavenly Father don’t allow me to harden my heart.

The answer I received from God stopped the tear that I wanted to cry.  “They are not where you are in their walk of life”. I know your heart now and how far you had to come. So, don’t allow this one incident to make you feel numb. Your pride I am stripping it away slowly you see, to reveal the Christian Man I want you to be.

You ask me to do a work inside of them and I am allowing you the oppertunity to grow.  I understand you feel you have been left alone.  I can hear you just like I heard my son when he asked me to forgive them.  I watch you when you pray you are no longer  selfish when you call out my name.  I want you to know people’s action will make you feel numb.  I am making you stronger to believe and trust in me that I will never leave you or them.  So, I will end this kinda like you do hang in there my son because… we’re not through.


Hang in there because…..  we’re gonna get there.
In Christian Love
Kevin Mundstock