The Nail

First we were thought about then we were planned.   Poured from a mold,  our Master formed us to do a job in hand.
We are part of his creation he smiled and said, “This is grand.”  The top of us are flat and we have four sturdy sides that come to a point.   With one strong blow we can pierce anything in sight.

We are just three pieces of steel.  We only have one purpose in life.   If you put  us in something we’ll be together for life.  I am proud of what I am,  not too big so it seems.  But, I have a big heart and therefore I can dream big dreams.  I was ready for my calling whatever it might be.  I was not happy sitting around looking pretty.  The longer we sit here we start to tarnish at last.  We are not as bright or shiny and rust is coming on fast.

So, what will be our calling ?  building project of some type?   Like everything else created there is a purpose for one’s life.  Taken from our shelf early one afternoon soon we found out what our job was to be.  We were called into action to hold a man to a wooden cross at Calvary.  One of us was driven into his right hand and bent over in the back to hold this man securley in place. Another one was driven into his left.  I was given the job of holding his feet to a wooden cross made for death.

On each side was another cross and members of our kind were in their place.  Some were holding up a man spewing insults, others were holding up a man who asked for the Savior’s grace.  One man said,  “We are guilty of the sin for which we must die.”   He knew that his actions had brought him here but God’s only son was very near. ” Jesus,  remember me  when you leave this life. ”  Jesus said, ” I tell you the truth today you will be with me in paradise”.

Let him be they cried out who is he calling out too, he has saved others well shows us now a miracle or two.  Come down from that cross they mocked him with laughs and nods, if it’s true who they say you are King of Jews son of God…

I felt his body tighten as he cried out above, I felt his skin tearing as he took on the weight of the world with his love.  Jesus said, “Father into your hands I commit my spirit .” then he took his last breath and his spirit was gone.  I held him to the cross at Calvary.  I held Jesus son of God who died so you could be free.  I felt the weight that he placed upon himself so man would not have to burden his sins by himself.

I helped hold him in place this innocent man. Even from my point of view I could not understand how he could not be bitter with this crowd and what they had done.   They just crucified Jesus,  God’s only son.  Instead he showed mercy even at a great loss.  He was willing to hang there knowing he would soon die on that cross.  I felt the love he has for each and everyone, this love was given to him by the Father and passed to us by his son.

I wanted to give him comfort instead I could only cause him pain.   In all of his suffering he asked his Father to forgive them.  They pierced his flesh with me, with such hatred and pride.   His blood covered me completely when they drove a spear deep into his side.

My rusty body was now covered with Jesus’s blood.  I was not proud of what I had became.  I had no mouth but Oh, how I wanted to yell.  For you see, I was no longer proud to be that nail.

On 7-5-12 I put this on the web.  I called my friend Chris Johnson to tell him. To commemorate his Birthday I placed his favorite poem on the net.  I asked him to go see it.  He told me he would.  I was informed not long after our conversation my friend Chris went to be with our Lord.  Chris will be dearly missed but we need to rejoice for he has gained his reward.  One day when I was sharing with our brother Chris in his young Christian walk he told me. “I am not where you are but I am going to get there”.  Chris  we are not were you are.

So even though my heart hurts the Spirit that God has placed inside of me says

Hang in there because..  were gonna get there.

In Christian Love
Kevin Mundstock