What Would Jesus Do?

I can’t think of anything more pleasing to our savior
Knowing he did not die in vain
I hear the cry from the cross
How he asked his Father, to please forgive them.

I see his body and all the suffering my sins must have caused him
And how the soldiers mocked and enticed
Each drop of blood from the garden to the cross
Helps remind me that I am someone, he was willing to pay the ultimate price.

For he left this world with forgiveness in his heart
And wants us to live and do the same
For only then can we truly play the part
In trying to reach the lost for him.

For one day we know we must confess
What did we do to help our brothers and sisters along
I pray that my actions will be pleasing at best
When my Lord and savior invites me home.

For the other words , I do not want to do
To hear my savior say, “Depart from me for I never knew you “.
Or even harder words for my Lord and savior to say
“While you were tending my sheep why did you walk away”?

So now I turn to the cross and understand the price
How one man could die to save so many lives
So when we follow the example of what Christ did for us
We must be willing to forgive in our hearts without any fuss.

And let the love of Jesus shine through us both night and day
And help us in the teaching and sharing in each others lives
What would Jesus do is a question that has been asked over and over again.

Just remember he loved unconditionally and died for our sins
If we would all say these words over and over again just maybe
There would be more love and whole lot less sin.

hang in there because….  we’re gonna get there. 

In Christian Love,
Kevin Mundstock