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Gone but not forgotten

What did you do today? I woke up in a very unusal way, with a tear in my heart and water running down my face.

I wished today would never had to come, then I realize this kind of thinking will make you numb.

For everyone of us will face death. We are not guaranteed our next breath, through God’s grace I can walk away.

Through his love I will get stronger day by day but for now I ask you to bare with me, for I just burried my friend today.

Peope who knew him can tell you the funny stories he said and we all knew he should have been a comedian.

The punch lines to his jokes came without delay.  I’ll miss his laugh but I know he is in a better place.  It’s hard to understand why God took him away so, bare with me.  I just burried my friend today.  One thing gives me strength from his true calling he did not stray.  For he was my christian brother and my friend and the peace I have is one day I will see him again but for now I am hurting try to understand my pain for I just burried my friend today. His christian faternity brothers were by his side. He was addressed with a warriors pride. I’m not sure what else to say so, bare with me. I just burried my friend today

(We are not guarnteed our next breath, life is ever fading.  I hope this helps you in your time of need  for God has placed a gift inside of me to write and it helps me )
This is my closing line for all things  Hang in there because… were gonna get there.

Christopher Lee Johnson
46 years of age from Barboursville, Wv went to be with the Lord on 7-5-12
The reason why I wrote this was todays is the day we laid him to rest.
He will be dearly missed but not forgotten

I know tomorrow the Sun will shine but for now I will pray