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His Promise

In trying times when your feeling pain and you feel your back is against the wall,
I want you to know that Jesus loves you so and he will give you strength through it all.

God has taken a stand in his Master plan and sent a Savior in our time of need,
please don’t think for a second that your alone because his promise is to never leave.

I want you to know that you are loved so by all your parents families and friends
and all the love and kindness we show can not compare to the love of the one who knows
and will keep you close to him.

Each day as you open your eyes please realize that only one person holds the key to it all,
the fight that you fight now and all the love and strength some how through God’s grace
and mercy you will stand through it all.

As prayers are called up for you to help see you through let the love of the Savior guide
you like a beacon in the night.
No matter how long and far you go I want you to know that your inner strength comes from his guiding light.

This was written for a teenage friend of ours who was being treated for cancer.  She is still in remission.

Hang in there because…. We’re gonna get there

In Christian Love,
Kevin Mundstock