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The Nail

First we were thought about then we were planned.   Poured from a mold,  our Master formed us to do a job in hand.
We are part of his creation he smiled and said, “This is grand.”  The top of us are flat and we have four sturdy sides that come to a point.   With one strong blow we can pierce anything in sight.

We are just three pieces of steel.  We only have one purpose in life.   If you put  us in something we’ll be together for life.  I am proud of what I am,  not too big so it seems.  But, I have a big heart and therefore I can dream big dreams.  I was ready for my calling whatever it might be.  I was not happy sitting around looking pretty.  The longer we sit here we start to tarnish at last.  We are not as bright or shiny and rust is coming on fast.

So, what will be our calling ?  building project of some type?   Like everything else created there is a purpose for one’s life.  Taken from our shelf early one afternoon soon we found out what our job was to be.  We were called into action to hold a man to a wooden cross at Calvary.  One of us was driven into his right hand and bent over in the back to hold this man securley in place. Another one was driven into his left.  I was given the job of holding his feet to a wooden cross made for death. Read more